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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Journal Finder

You asked:  Can we please return to Journal Finder?  It was a great database!

Irma says: We appreciate your compliment about Journal Finder.  It was developed and maintained here at the University Libraries before being sold to WT Cox.  Over the past year we've been transitioning to a new integrated system, OCLC's Worldshare Management System (WMS) and, unfortunately, Journal Finder is not compatible with it so we had to replace it with WMS's journal tool. 

We decided to move to WMS in order to provide broader and deeper discoverability of information.  It can  provide "Google" like searching so that researchers may find a variety of materials (books, articles, archives and much more) in one place.   Another driver for our decision was the fact that our old system was very outdated and no longer supported by the vendor. 

To help you use the new system, including the journal tool, we have a Lib Guide.  

Also please don't ever hesitate to contact us for additional help with the journal tool or any other information need.

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