Monday, November 21, 2011

Streaming films

You asked: Can we have online films through the Library as well as the DVDs?

Irma says: We're really glad you're enjoying the film collection. Because of licensing restrictions we are unable to legally provide streaming feature films for general viewing. We do have a great deal of streaming content available at

however most of these are instruction films that your professors assign in class. We are able to link to streaming feature films for classroom use through Swank Digital Campus; faculty select them and they may only be viewed by specific classes through Blackboard.

So, at the present time the only way we may provide general access to entertainment films is by DVD checkout. Should a streaming option become available for libraries we will certainly look into it!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

DVD and book requests

You asked: Many of you have made film or book suggestions.

Irma says: We'll purchase these as they become available. Check the Libraries catalog to see when your suggestion is here.

Slow computers

You asked: Why are the computers so much slower this year?

Irma says: We're very sorry you've been frustrated with our computers. Thank you for letting us know about the problems you're having.

Many of the speed problems are a result of the entire campus moving to a different network this summer. I'm sure you've noticed differences in all the labs. We are working through many issues these changes created and will continue to do so. We'll keep you posted!